Thursday, January 22, 2009

Food not for thinking

When Biking home with Punto and Muli last night we were taken by a spectacle near the President's house of a human flag. A large crane held wire that suspended a gaggle of people all touching hands and feet. This little diversion lead us to the revelation that we were all a bit hungry. We ended up at JJ Cruz which is famous for the dish you see here. It is called Chorrilla(chore-e-anna) for three. It is a bed of fries topped by onions, egg, and beef stewed to be as soft as a cube of tofu. In front of the dish is the ever famous pebre that comes with bread at most places. We then added a pitcher of Borgonatags(bore-gon-ya) which is wine sweetned with strawberries, and citrus and then chilled. Punto on the left and Multi on the right raise a tost to the beginning of an incredible culinary adventure. The walls of the restaurant were covered with tags and drawings. The music was very classic and old with songs sung by such names as Elis Regina. They had a television but it was only playing a rerun. The evening was capped off with a sauntering bike ride home but not before Multi declared,
"Borgona,no joke"

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  1. Wolfy,

    I am a little alarmed that the site of dangling people led you to decide that you were hungry ... Was the beef stew spicy at all? Did it taste like soylent green?


    Your Seester