Friday, January 16, 2009


Since it was hinted at that I should explore the local cuisine and write more about that I decided to start with the drink of the Summer. It is hot here and nothing takes the edge of f like a Michelada. The name seems to come from a name but it also contains the magic word "chela" which means beer. I have taken picture of the night that Punto and I tried our hands at making some at home. The first step is cutting some lemons. You take a little juice and put it around the rim and dip it in some salt. You then take the rest of the lemon and squeeze it into the bottom of your glass. Pour in some beer and enjoy. You can keep adding the beer as you drink it and mellow out the lemon and salt. You may also reinvigorate as you like.
Also the luch in the pail from a few days ago was a garbanzo beans stew with chorizo.


  1. Wolfy,

    Thank you for the postings about the beverages and the food. It is early morning here, and I could use a reinvigorating drink. (I think I must be just an accident of letters that "Michelob," American for "medium shitty-piss beer," shares the letters "chel" with your word "chela.")

    Happy Inauguration Day!


  2. I will have to explain Pebre soon.