Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday in the Garden

The first yield of fruits and vegetables prepared from the garden of La Huerta. Tomate(tomato), beterraga(beets), pepino(cucumber), repollo(cabbage), zapallo italiano(zucchini), and acelga(greens) were all grown in the garden and tasted especially great after a day of work.

The pond waiting for walls and water.

The bodega designed and built by Nicki (kicking stone behind wheelbarrow)

The Garden of La Huerta. The garden was started and cared for many weeks before these photos were taken. On Sunday everybody gathered to work in the garden all day and prepare it for the unveiling and eventual harvest. Loreto came and cut the hairs of several people including me. I think she will return to continue to transform the hairs around Matucana into the locks of movie stars. At least, she did that for Camilla and Punto. The long locks of Winter were shed to the heat of Summer. Mario(below) from Los Tilos(the houses behind Matucana) became the mover of mouintains. He inspired Punto and me to work with him to move the mountain of dirt from the pond to get to it's final spot. The sun set and everyone drifted off to rest before the busy days of assembling all the areas of the show tomorrow. The gallery will house a recording studio, sewing section, dance and yoga, drawing tables, silkscreening, and a kitchen to prepare and serve the bounty from the garden.

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