Monday, February 2, 2009

The beach

After hearing many frightful stories of Valparaíso like it is a port town, full of stray dogs, fleas, no beaches and and giant spralling steps up giant hills. It was decided with a flip of a coin that Punto and I would relax for a day or so on the beaches of Zapallar because Loma P and Rafi were there and it is chill we ended up on the beach in the first three photos. It is actually between the towns of La Ligua and Papudo. Rafi is seen heading towrd two narrow but waist deep bands of water that seperate the beach from the car park. We waded out and enjoyed the last bits of sunlight and surf. The wind kicked up and Rafi attempted to make us all a shelter we could live in. We headed back as the sun sank and Punto beat the last bits of life out of some seaweed. We left for Valpo the next day in a car provided to us from Loma P's Mom. We drove it down to give to her husband in Vaplo. Punto and I had a little road trip in a shaky blue sedan down the coast and into the port towns. I got to drive and we stopped for a seafood empanada tasting contest. The lady on the corner beat the heck out of the restaurant. In Valpo, I discovered a beach and shot it for comaparison. A small and sort of melancholy beach in a port town. It was all the stories and more that I had expected. It is a strange and twisted place that can enchant as quickly as it can become very real. Punto even proved that there were fleas by picking up a few.

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