Monday, February 9, 2009

Valparaíso painting

One of the last fun things done in Valpo was painting. Senor Ubses/Abses and Blok took me out to paint murals. The deal in Chile is that if you go out with a roller and a brush it is cool with the Cabelleros. if you flaunt the spray can you ask for trouble. I was a little sketchy with ideas and attitudes about the adventure. It was fine when some kids showed up and wanted to paint with us and the cops rolled by twice and said not a peep. I painted the simple mural fast of buildings and the message translates as "Life is Good..without..these". Blok did a bicyle rider that did not get finished until too late to get a good shot. Senor Abses did an awseome tree figure which is kind of his thing. We were met by another bad alien Nicki Ducci who added a dancing skeleton to a wall. We walked back up the hill having missed the bus to Santiago and got all the ingrediants to grill out at the house. Along the way the dog in the photos killed a cat on the street which was sad. We stayed up late and had a great time and left after some slow and false starts the next day which would return you to the last day in Chile post.

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