Thursday, March 19, 2009

Silkscreening class Domingo

On Sunday we conducted a class in silkscreen for forty three people. Punto was the ringmaster talking everybody through the process. I assumed the role of a battered Vanna White and Kayrock was the printer in the garden. The goal was to design and complete a two poster in the afternoon. We achieved our goal and with a little silkscreen ¨magic¨ we ended up with three colors. Everyone drew on some film and we collaged it together around the phrase
Hola Soy Otra Cosa Chao
it translates as
Hello I am another thing Goodbye
Pablo Gonzales, Rene Valenzuela, Sebastian Bravo, and I came up with that in referance to the title of the show which is
¿Como Hacer de Algo Otra Cosa?
which translates several ways but is essentially
¿How do you make something from another thing?
We burned our screen and printed over the images printed in the garden. The garden prints where leaves and grass placed in Laure Michelle and exposed directly to the screen. Cindy C provided a willing surface to print on and the last color was printing on hinges in the gallery so students could understand a more precise registration technique. Everybody departed with their posters and we sat down happy and tired with a bottle of beer and some chocolate ice cream and pi√Ďa flavored sherbert. The pictures here wher taken by Diego Maya who was a student of he class and also runs this blogspot which looks pretty cool. Check it

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