Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stuff taking up other garages and time

I have been taking some time to Dj much to several Soho employees regret. Playing shows with all kinds of violent bullshit and even just straight up bullshit which I will leave hyperlinkless. Red Dawn II will be stumbling through the Middle East and into Michigan this weekend. In the next couple daze, we hope to settle into finishing a few songs to put out for someone's listening pleasure. In the meantime, I am going to be trying not to hang out with this guy so much. He kind of dresses like a child molester and has not qualms about it. He often says
"Society doesn't affect change on you unless you let your own criminalizing thoughts change the way you think you are perceived by Society. If you look like a clown or a child molester but you are not one then why worry what Society thinks you look like unless,of course, you are one of those things?"
I always have to remind myself that he doesn't give the best advice. He is a bowlful of fun especially if you get him up on a line.

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