Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Saturday in the market of vegetables and fleas

On the hottest day in a long time in Vienna, Julie & I went to market. I was on the prowl for some vegan spread to enhance my toast and sliced meat eating ritual. Julie was on the look out for some fixing for a Vietnamese  salad and subsequent night of fresh summer rolls. I was also scouting the canned foods in the Asia markets for some Jakfruit for some future culinary adventures. We wandered down into to the flea part of the market as the heat was beginning to drive away the sellers and buyers. This lone entrepreneur was boldly standing her ground with a very limited selection of goods. She obviously knew her market because she attracted a buyer in the short time it took me to be impressed by her minimal display. I wondered if the hat and coat were for sale in her hand because she certainly did not need them at this moment in time. I ended up with a fistful of photos and postcards to play with and inspire the poster I am working on and the installation. Found some shots of Vesuvius erupting which will make more sense later.

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