Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Cat's Cafe, Vienna

I was turned down an alley today and this cafe(Yes, it does say it is dog friendly on there) was revealed to me. I didn't even set foot inside and was met by the frieze on the front of the building. It was a first glance a fitting shrine to drinking. The relief had surely been installed years before the beer lights would illuminate the hungry children toward the teat they so desired like so many parched drinkers looking for the kindly bosom of a cafe. We entered and were quickly slapped in the face with the thick smell of cigarettes lingering from nights before. The bar had one man in a silk shirt covered in ziggurats sipping coffee and a glass of wine wine. The bartender perked up as if alarmed that anyone else would enter her domain. I saw several baskets filled with the appropriate materials to insinuate the presence of cats. The presence of a kitty castle covered with shag carpet stained deep with years of smoke and thin clumps of hair found on tables and chairs didn't hurt either. The room was filled with portraits of cats, statues, and stuffed cats(not real but toys). I ordered a beer and began to absorb. I spotted what appeared to be the last cat of the cafe curled up in the corner doing what most older cats do best..sleeping,deeply. As I looked around I found these friendly faces hanging out and they begged to say "Hi" to you. Upon leaving we discussed how even the frieze has a lateral cat theme because all cats love milk.
some more cat fun:

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