Sunday, February 27, 2011

"The Last Sunrise before many, many more Sunsets" edition

These are the first few of an edition that I am creating with inspiration/interaction from the artist Maya Hayuk for the Positive Future Prophecy Posse. The edition will be eighteen and one half pieces large with six and one half artist's proofs. The piece can be displayed as the sunrise, the sunset, or neither. The idea is a visual representation of the Sun over water creating an infinity symbol to illustrate to us that there are many many more of these events to come. The piece is intended to inspire interaction with it and the universe but most importantly provide the viewer with a sense of calm and security that the future will be lasting and positive however you look at it.
The piece will be sold through Subports at the Scope Art Fair in order to raise money for a future film project. more information to follow.

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