Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Man Forever Cover completed

This is the work I did for the new live Man Forever record coming out on St. Ives.
The work was inspired by the work that I was doing in Vienna this Summer. When in Vienna I also pieced together this completely unrelated seven inch cover. The interesting thing about St. Ives is that they provide record sleeves from earlier pressings that sleeves exist for but vinyl was never pressed due to any number of reasons. The artist is given the task of covering the old sleeve art with enough ink to obscure the original art. The manifesto better illustrates the idea. This is the second time that Kid has worked with me to create the sleeve under these conditions. The first is here. If you look closely at the designs you will see that the flowers on this record appear on the back of the first record. This is the first of many things hidden within the foliage. The outside art does not have any text so an insert was created. The green image is the back of the insert with silkscreen of an earlier sketch for the cover. Look for the burning cities and an adhesive bandage in this image. The record is at press now and will be available for consumption soon.

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