Monday, January 2, 2012

Soul Meeting for Jonathan Toubin

The Beachland Ballroom delivered a night of Soul for the beloved New York Night Train DJ. The door, raffle, and silly posters yielded a generous amount of love, respect and good vibes for Master Toubin on a night usually reserved for nursing hangovers. Thanks to Mark, Cindy, and Erin for bringing loads of great people. DeeJays, and even a giant spot light truck out to the Tavern to support.
These Deejays delivered Soul crunching & body moving sets:
DJ Hot Trash
(see the picture with her provided poster)
DJ Party Sweat smelled good and represented for the Material Girls
DJ Alr!ght (Tom D.)
people danced and danced here.
DJ Mr. Fishtruck
DJ Charles McGaw
DJ Count Birdbrain (Tom Fallon)
(a rare becuz they usually don't get heard outside of his own basement & scorching set by one of the kings of the 7 inch)
DJ Pops (Antoine)
eventually played The Kinks need you say more?We all spent the first day of the new year thinking about the joy, love, and soul that Brother J.T. has brought us and grooved good vibes to his eventual recovery. Everyone looks forward to cutting some rug to his mixes as soon as possible. 
Thanks to all the people that came out i.e. former Soul Clap Judges, bartenders, and Jeff Chiplis, Ron Kretsch, and even Mystery Jim who caused a friend to drop her shit because his appearances are so rare.

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