Thursday, March 15, 2012

Some new additions to the postcard show

from Christeen Francis a tribute to the "Doubles Gallery"

Erin Weckerle, Allison Busch, & Amy Reid on the column

Ms. Daphne at the USPS found the third panel of the Jocko Weyland; STO & Willa look on

A Carrot Band Thank You card & a Staples edging in the show in their own way
Punto brings the monkeys from Costa Rica
Rafi will now introduce the series by
& 5 beautiful fronts
Molly uses 5 cards to ask a question
Rafaela Schomburgk & Camila Marambio beat the Chilean Post

& the USPS by stapling their cards together. Some pigment transfer btwn cards happened.

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