Friday, May 18, 2012

Collinwood High Art t-shirt show

Here are two posters printed at Collinwood High School on May 17th 2012. The poster was drawn by L'Dejah and printed by the students. The show will be a series of different shirt designs by the students. There are some stellar designs so some blank tees in your size between 6 and 8pm.
Get one of these fab and fly designs;
a bunny with a secret Japanese phrase by EBONY PLESS
a flash mob of angry snowmen by JASON SUMMERS
the question "MAD, Bro? " by TAY APOLLO HARRIS
a crazy star by MALIK WHITE
the strange worlds of ANTONEA TAYLOR
and the despondent tee that is taking the world by storm
"It Don't Matter" by CLINTON BENNETT
and many more

ArtsCollinwood 15605 Waterloo Road at East 152nd

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