Thursday, July 26, 2012

Shirley T print press at the Shore Center

Clinton printing on the Shirley T press.

Successful printing starts with a smile.

Elijah contemplates a life in Rome with lots of cats.

The bounty of production
The Dream On Kids design
The mobile silkscreen press, Shirley T, spent the last week with the Dream On Kids Summer program at the Shore Cultural Center. The children created drawings that where made into silkscreens and printed by themselves. Many things were learned during the session even some very specific instructions for ghost removal provided to me for my personal safety. I have to thank Darryl for that information before his retirement from ghost busting. 
This project was done in conjunction with the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture grant that will result in a fully functioning exposure unit for silk screen, Rose Louise, and serigraph printing press for shirts and paper, Shirley T, which will be housed at ArtsCollinwood for community use.

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