Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holly Jolly Sabbath

As the Winter wings of ice spread across the land and a light dusting of snow fills the cracks and puddles along the avenue; we reflect on the year with our ups, downs, lefts and terrible Kanye West songs. Folks begin to gather around hearths because some assholes built a church or birthed a baby through a virgin.
As you drag your weary ass off to lame Nog drinking affairs, know that there will be a small group of people hanging out in a basement under red blinking lights, getting drunk, stoned, painting Pentagrams on the floor, and listening to Black Sabbath
The EIGHTH Holly Jolly Sabbath is upon you.
Approach the back of 210 Kent Ave at 10pm Sunday December 19th to begin the journey through the records in order.
As always the Claree will be hot and bothered.

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