Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holly Jolly Sabbath X

Please come and listen, imbibe, inhale for the tenth annual....
Holly Jolly Sabbath
Ten years ago on a cold November night, Chuck told of a memory from his childhood.
During the Christmas season, his parets would motor off to holiday parties and leave him at home to his own devices.
Chuck was around fifteen or so and had recently discovered two new things: Marijuana and the recently released first record by Black Sabbath.
Chuck decided to turn down all the lights in the house, save the Christmas tree. He pulled a little shoebox from under his bed rolled a joint and dropped the record onto the turntable. He enjoyed it so much that he began repeating this ritual each time his parents made off to another party. 
This seemed like a holiday tradition worth repeating and embracing and so the Holly Jolly Sabbath was born.
Some simple rules were laid down to make for a pretty no nonsense holiday.
1. It should always fall on the Sunday before Christmas
2. A Christmas Tree should provide the light
3. A mulled wine should be made
4. All the Black Sabbath records should be listened to in chronological order 

The party promises to be a little stranger this year, because it falls so close to the 25th.
Next Sunday the 23rd at The Center for the Advancement of Contemporary Art
on the second floor of 700 Lorimer St. at the corner of Frost St. 
The Black Sabbath will ring in another group of people's ears.
You are encouraged to bring your buds.

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