Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The First Red Dawn II practice in Chile

In the later hours of last night, Punto (Elisita) and I biked home and relaxed. I inquired into the existence of a guitar in order to play upon. The query yielded two likely candidates. One was electric and the other acoustic; I chose the acoustic since the garden of Union de literaria 1987 was opem and late. Punto was painting and I was playing the slop that comprises the skeletons of the Red Dawn II catalog. I coated my fingers with the dust and soot of the strings for some time. Multi ventured out to get us all beers and came back with some friends too. We commenced to do exactly what Red Dawn II does at practice. We listened to music and drank beer. Tomas from Los Howlers( played his band. Nacho showed up with some Pisco and made quite sure that I would have my first Pisco and Coke. The evening wound down with talk of homosexual Satanists and the above pile of bottles.

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