Friday, January 2, 2009

Felizano Nuevo

left to right: Rafi, Camilla, Punto, and Loma P

On the 31st, Punto, Chana(Punto's Puppy) and I ventured to Mami's car and travelled to Zapallar. It is a beautiful town north of Santiago on the coast. We were stuck in traffic and arrived too late to meet up with Punto's Papi
. We did stumbe upon Loma P with a tray full of eggs. First, we needed to find Papi so we ventured down to the beach. We passed along the length of the beach, past all the colonies of Pre-teen/teenage virus polluting the natural beauty and happened upon the hill you see above. We wandered around and up it to the top. There we found the Shrine you see above but it was dark and there was only us until a closer examination revealed a portrait of the man who some claim is my father albeit illegitimate. Yes, some enlightened soul had pasted a picture of the goodly departed Mr. Mercury to our delight. We decided to return at the end of our trip with a candle for a blessing. We ended up at Loma P's house to change and go to Camilla's parents house. All the Papis and Mamis were there to celebrate the last moments of the year together. The fireworks lasted for ever but not as long as the dancing. We warmed up at the house and then made our way to the town party. We danced until early in the morning with a live band that just wouldn't slow down. Whole families were making the most of it most all of the night. We ended with a bad bowl of fries and off to find the place where we would rest our heads. Loma P and her brother Tomas dropped us off in an early morning mist. We walked up the path to find three doors and only one the right door to bed. We woke one wrong house and then one right one. The next day was Pisco Sours with Mr. Balbontin, the beach, Bloody Marys with Ms Loma P and Rafi. We then decided to make the pilgrimage to the Shrine De Santo Freddie . We met up with another pilgrim along our trek and made our ascent. We lite three candles and rested atop the shrine until into the trees we went.

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