Monday, January 19, 2009

Lunch at Como Hacer de Algo Otra Cosa

These are some shots of Lunch at Matucana 100. I will try to begin to illustrate what is going on at the show. The show revolves around La Huerta(Garden) planned and plotted under the instruct of Caty Purdy. The garden was started some months ago and now is providing vegetables each day which come into the gallery area and are prepared for the artists and visitors to the show under the instruct of the two artists that function as one, nicokatiushka. Each day a different person or persons prepare the menu for the day. Around 2pm everyone gathers for lunch around the tables. The fare is has been vegetarian and vegan thus far. The large amount of people present is because all around the gallery are little work stations where costume making(Franka Y Coni) provides aprons,bags nd other needful things for workers. I will have to model my lovely new printing apron soon for you. Silkscreening which Punto and I provide informative flyers for visitors. Editorial(Rene, Camilla, and Lautaro mostly) and the library and lecture area(Maria) provide an environment for people to draw, relax and read. There is a music studio helmed by Nea Ducci. Nea will be making her musical debut in NYC in February. She is recording some of Chile's finest musicians and allowing hacks like Nicky, Lautaro, Camilla, Punto, and I to keep her late and get her drunk/stoned enough to think that a quiet keyboard, out of tune bass, guitar, bongo drums headed up by two nonstop rapping boys drinking beer out of bowls and a quietly crooning girl in a miniskirt on roller blades sounds good. The last corner of the gallery is doing some of the most exciting things, dance and yogo(Amelia). Amelia has been venturing forth into the neighborhoods surrounding Matucana 100 and bringing in children to dance, stretch and generally have a great time in a safe place other than on streets and sidewalks. The other day Nea was recording an accordion player who was doing dark minimal tracks and the children were screaming over top from the dance mats and from where I was in the gallery it sounded like a horror movie playing in the background. The whole project is being documented by Tomas, Mai, and Lucha. I do need to mention Aymara and Consuelo who have been building houses for the birds and ponds for the plants. In the second picture in the foreground is Nico Manning who is beautifully creating a 4 meter by 10 meter painting in another area of the facility.
The plastic bottle tube running through the photos goes to the water tower built by Las Reinas del Agua(Dani Y Jacinta). The water tower provides water to the kitchen for food preparation and to the silkscreen section for cleaning screens. The tubes are created by loping off the ends of plastic bottles and fixing them together. If you look closely you can see that the cut off ends were recycled to become drinking glases and bowls in the kitchen.

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