Friday, April 10, 2009

Walks in the early morning

As temperatures begin to ascend in New York, I reflect back to the early morning walk in the declining temperatures of the the Chilean Fall. After walking Rafi to school, Loma P and I hit the dirt around Zapallar. Off in the distance stood the tree which protects the shrine of Freddie Mercury. We passed along the beach contemplating the monotony and joy that must pass through the beach cleaner every morning as he faces another day in Zapallar and a beach full of seaweed and trash. He definitely needs to borrow his kids portable music device to enhance his day once in a while. I like to think he enjoys the sound of the ocean crashing down around him. We made it to the energy cave and off to a distant rock perched in the water. There we talked of religion and the ability to survive falling into the water right where we were. I am sure there was a connection. We headed back to meet Coni rising with bread and avocado.
We stopped in the store where I shot the Kitty food. Why would you want to feed your cat something that causes fits?

1 comment:

  1. dearest son!
    just came back from another walk and the man of the seaweed definitely needs some music!
    days in the desert full of joy!
    miss you brother!