Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Out to Lunch

I have been in Cleveland,Ohio hanging out with a lot of sorted things. These two fellows are a couple of cards. The always have a good joke to tell if you are willing to spend enough time with them but all their Swine Flu jokes I would pan... They are always up for a good lunch in the proper locale at the appropriate time. Nate's Deli (1923 W. 25th St. Cleveland, OH 44113 216-696-7529) is never a disappointment. The fatoosh salad even has OJ asking about if it was had and if it is still as good as memory serves. It is, of course, and my furry friend can confirm. The conversation wandered to goals, debts, and savings. It got a little fishy in the exchange but affirmed all of our life choices. It is so easy to be envious of a shark when you are not one but never forget a shark might tell you some things that remind you that it can be hard to be one. We talked about whether you are throwing caution to the wind, doing something you love, saving for an arthritic retirement, buying radical wallpaper or even ripping it out of a are never far from losing it all so live it to the hilt. The dog coined the "live it to the hilt" phrase. You might have a fleet of Tonka trunks today but somebody else who knows how to use those trucks better than you might just bury them in their yard. I know I am getting ahead of the discourse and forgetting all the years of bail outs between those moments but so should we. The one thing we all agreed upon is that even if a dumb piece of shit has finished his run as president in our hometown there is another about to get elected somewhere else like, say, Chile.
We left the diner and I discussed with Sharky how awesome Talk Normal is.
The dog is really loving Bathory and Sibylle Baier. The dog had to give credit not to J Mascis but to Nico Multi for those jams.

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