Thursday, July 22, 2010

"We came across a miracle...there was beer in the sodamachine.."

Last night, we ventured out the the 15th district to meet some friends for dinner at Hello Vietnam. After dinner there was quite an entourage that all left together to drink at The Blue Tomato. Julie, Jonathon, Pam, Tim and I seemed particularly funny because we had a rather nice chandelier in a vegetable box for Jonathon and Pam's apartment, a drill and case of anchors and bits being returned to Tim from Julie, I was stopping and taking pictures every minute or so and Pam is rather pregnant. We took one break on the way to the bar which was to stop by this vending machine that Tim had told us about. It is downstairs from his house. It is an unassuming machine based on the fresh fruit and juices that adorn the front. As you come closer the large amount of tape and handwriting reveal that this is no ordinary vending is one that has BEER in it. Oh, miracles of miracles! Another bonus is in this forward drinking country you can crack it right open and consume it on the street. The markup on it is quite small (about 0.30 ₡ more than the supermarkt) and it is cold which seems to be something that only ausländers care about. We all purchased a tasty brew and drank it in front of the machine giggling like teenagers except Pam who bought a juice from the neighboring ordinary soda machine. Tim assured us that in the time that he has been using the beer vending machine he has never lost money, found it sold out, or even broken. No shit, I mean, if there is one group or people that would wreck major havoc on anything/anyone; it would be a bunch of drinkers that just paid for libations and were then denied. Tim also told us that there are a fair amount of prostitutes within a short radius of the vending machine and that many nights the pimps hang out around the machine drinking and rapping till all hours. We witnessed some amazing thigh high red vinyl and lucite boots without panties as an indication toward those inclinations being present. The boots bought a coke. We ascended the stairs to the left of the machine and where greeted with a quaint little park that would be the perfect locale for future vending brews to be consumed. Cool cool.

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