Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The other day when wandering the Billa for snacks I found this loaf. There are a lot of seedy healthy breads abounding in the bakeries and supermarkets of Vienna which have all been solid food purchases.
I did not hesitate to grip a loaf, some blackberries and some mustard. With all things carrot which newly arrive in my landscape; I want to share them with the King of Carrots, Jeff Chiplis. You can write about it and take some alluring shots, I thought. I had no idea when entering the above photo shoot that the mustard and blackberries would end up on the bread. It is quite a nice combination and I have at least one other person willing to back me up on this. The bread has just enough sweetness to support the berry and just enough hearty and savory flavor to handle the mustard.

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  1. that looks deeeeeelicious! Chippy would most certainly love it!!!