Monday, February 27, 2012

Postcard Show

The Gallery Entrance

entrance wall left
Back Wall

Post Cards for Future Use Table

Looking back on the left entrance wall
Right Wall
The opening was fun and all the artists that couldn't make it were missed.
Here are some shots from the opening night right before people arrived. The gallery is still receiving  postcards which will be added to the show. Some specific cards will be posted soon. A couple tiled pieces were hung and some of the cards came twisted, bent and altered by the process of mailing. Detail shots will follow.


  1. bucket o'beer and a bunch of awsome cards on the wall..really glad i was there..a.a.

  2. Is a great show innovatively hung and food for the mind.

  3. All postcarders be sure to get to this show which is uniquely aided by USPS.

  4. It looks really cool!!!
    -Rachel Robot