Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Something done long ago still benefits all involved

Many Moons ago, I was involved with a show that teamed two artists together to make a collaborative piece of art. I was fortunate enough to be paired with Amy Sillman and we proceeded to create over 300 distinct works of art. The Lower East Side Print Shop approached Amy about doing a benefit print for them and she suggested that we use the collaborative drawings as the basis for a portfolio of works.
We picked, scratched, burned, spit and bit our way to the resulting portfolio, Funny Guy Jr.
It was named after Francis Picabia and a poster that alluded that the fact that he was a funny guy.
The works never cease to impress me with where they go and where they are displayed.
They were recently purchased by the Whitney Museum of American Art.
Thanks Lower East Side Print Shop, Amy Sillman,  Julie Ryan, Dusica Kirjakovic and master printer Marc Lepson.

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