Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Giant Fountains and Bikes of Santiago

Punto conquers the impressive fountain.

After some looking I scored this giant bike to ride around Santiago
. You can tell it is giant because you can compare it to the size of this public fountain. After working at Matucana 100(There is an update about the show: http://www.m100.cl/2009_01_otra_cosa.php) all day, the bike man showed up with this awesome bike. Before you pass judgment on it as a silly Eurotrash bike take this into consideration. It is a classic Chilean bike made right here in the 1970s. I was assured that everybody rode them then and most of the people I see riding them are old dudes that pimp them out. So all I need to do to fit in is pimp the thing cuz I got the rest covered. We rode back to the house through the parks catching glimpses of people making out, giant colorful fountains, the sun setting on the Andes Mountains, shallow rivers, and a Ufo with commercial value. Of course all of these things are better left to the imagination and the pictures come from a crappy fountain in front of a drugstore whose counterpart would be Duane Reade. They are a somewhat new occurance here. They build they fountains to give them some credible history like TGIFridays which I am sure is on the plane here now.

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  1. i dunno, i think that bike is kinda cute. but it does make that fountain look tiny.