Monday, January 19, 2009

Senor Lápiz

It was Loma P's birthday the other night. Punto, Loma P, Rafi, and I went to for Indian food at a hotel in Santiago. Rafi is Loma P's daughter and appears atop the shrine of Freddie Mercury. When at the beach over the New Years weekend in Zapallar; Rafi taught me a great game called Senor Lápiz. It apparently dates back to the ancient days of Loma P's childhood. A television show Cachureos birthed the mighty fighting pencil which you can see here:
You simply scribble on a piece of paper and provide a single letter of the alphabet for the person drawing. It is then their responsibility to create a drawing a of a thing that starts with that letter and fill in the word or phrase. Upon completion the person does the same and passes it on to the next person or back to the original scribbler. The drawing above is Rafi's use of my scribble and the letter Y. The phrase translates as
"This is me in the morning"
We filled quite some time and space with Senor Lápiz which means Mister Pencil.


  1. I am enchanted by the postings of artwork, including the so-called baseball card for birds. I actually followed the link to the Senor Lapiz show and watched. I am intrigued. Why does he wear boxing gloves and award prizes of colorful sweaters to children whose uniform otherwise appears to be canary pull-overs and grey slacks (there were at least 2 on screen)?

    I wish I had planned better so that I could come and visit. And maybe meet Senor Lapiz?

  2. From what I have been told it is much harder to draw with punching gloves on. The dress code for children in schools has always been neutral colors and it is in the wake of The Cosby Show; in regard to the colorful sweaters. The chant they have on the show I learned and it can cause any South American to react.